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The Concise AACR2 Vietnamese version:
  • Foreword to CAACR2 by Pham The Khang [English].
  • Introd. to CAACR2 by Michael Gorman [English].
  • Preface to CAACR2 by Vinh-The Lam [English].


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  • Foreword to CAACR2 by Pham The Khang [English]. PDF
  • Introd. to CAACR2 by Michael Gorman [English]. PDF
  • Preface to CAACR2 by Vinh-The Lam [English]. PDF

    After the first Vietnamese edition of the ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science was published and donated to the Vietnamese library community in Summer 1996, the Vietnam Library Education Project (VLEP) was disbanded by decision of the Project Director, Dr. Nguyen Quynh Hoa. VLEP members then regrouped and established a new group called LEAF-VN (The Library and Education Assistance Foundation for Vietnam; readers who want to know more about LEAF-VN's mission, goals, and activities can take a look at LEAF-VN's Homepage at this URL: http://www.leaf-vn.org). One member of LEAF-VN, who is also one of the two translators of this work, in a paper presented at NIT '98 : 10th International Conference on New Information Technology, held March 24-26, 1998, in Hanoi, Vietnam, recommended that Vietnam should have a national cataloging code based on the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Second Edition (AACR2). The main reason for this recommendation was to assist Vietnam in her participation in the international library community, especially in her approach to bibliographic information exchange on the INTERNET in the future. In order to provide Vietnamese colleagues with a reference tool in their daily cataloging function as well as in their compilation of such a national cataloging code, LEAF-VN decided to embark on translating into Vietnamese language the Concise AACR2 by Michael Gorman. We, Lam Vinh-The and Pham Thi Le-Huong, were designated by LEAF-VN to carry out this translation task.

    The idea of such a translation, in reality, was conceived in 1997, even before the official establishment of LEAF-VN. It was a logical further step after the translation of the ALA Glossary was completed. At the beginning, the translators considered the full text AACR2 but the task would be too big for the two translators. They decided, instead, to translate the Concise AACR2. In the General Introduction, the author of the original text, Mr. Michael Gorman said: " This book is intended to convey the essence and basic principles of the second edition of the Anglo-American cataloging rules, 1988 revision (AACR2R)... Those rules from the full text that have been retained have been rewritten, simplified, and, usually, supplied with new examples. This rewriting is intended to highlight the rules for commonly encountered library materials and to make them even more accessible... Last, cataloguers working in a non-English language environment will be able to use the Concise AACR2 as a readily comprehensible summary of AACR2 practice." The Concise AACR2 is, therefore, able to meet the cataloging needs of most Vietnamese libraries. After the official establishment of LEAF-VN, this translation project was approved and given a high priority. The two translators began their tasks in Summer 1998.

    This time the translation process has had many advantages, compared to the translation of the glossary. First, most terms used in the original have already been translated in the glossary. Secondly, the content of the original is about only one aspect of library activities, namely cataloging. Third, both translators have had several years of experience in cataloging. Another advantage during this translation process was the possibility for the translators to exchange their drafts through e-mail system. This draft exchange through e-mail was much facilitated by the translators' decision to use the standard Vietnamese language word-processing package by the Vietnamese Professionals Society (VPS). Thanks to all these advantages, the translation time was greatly reduced. By early 1999, the translation is basically done. The rest of the time was spent in the creation of the Vietnamese Index and the Illustration Part.

    The Vietnamese Index was created to help users easily find the necessary Rules for each problem encountered in their cataloging tasks. In principle, the Vietnamese Index was a translation of the English Index in the original, but, in reality, the work was more than just pure translation. The translators had to rearrange all entries according to the Vietnamese alphabet. A number of English entries were eliminated, being unnecessary or redundant within the Vietnamese context. On the contrary, many additional Vietnamese entries were created by inversion of word order or by addition of a few words to clarify the scope of the entries.

    The translators decided to add the Illustration Part in order to help users in their application of the Rules. Items used in this Illustration Part were selected based on the following criteria:
    - published in Vietnam (with only a few exceptions)
    - representing several types of materials
    - representing several types of headings
    - representing several kinds of description details

    All items were presented uniformly as follows:
    - information from the title page (or container, or first page, etc.)
    - other information
    - suggested catalog card
    - listing of applied rules:
    - for choice of access
    - for forms of headings
    - for description
    - note (if needed)

    Since there was only a limited number of Vietnamese language items (published in Vietnam) in their hands, the translators could not illustrate all kinds of materials. They have, however, tried their best to include the most commonly encountered kinds of materials in Vietnamese libraries. In each kind of materials illustrated, they tried to include two examples. The items used in this Illustration Part were grouped in the following types of materials:

    A. Books

    1. One author
    2. Two authors
    3. Three authors
    4. More than three authors
    5. Collections
    6. Works by corporate bodies
    7. Conferences
    8. Uniform title
    B. Serials
    C. Maps
    D. Sound recordings
    E. Video recordings
    F. Computer files

    Based on feedback from Vietnam on the translation of the Glossary, the translators decided to use the terms "bien muc", "thu muc" and "muc luc" as translation for the terms "cataloging", "bibliography" and "catalog" respectively, in order to reflect the Vietnamese national usage of library terms. In terms of spelling, in general, this translation also follows the same principle used for the translation of the Glossary (Hoang Phe, Le Anh Hien, Dao Than. Tu dien chinh ta tieng Viet. Ha noi : Nha Xuat Ban Giao Duc, 1988). For geographic names (Rules 45-47), the translators decided to keep the English forms used in the original. The main reason for this decision was the lack of uniformity in Vietnam for geographic names right now. The translators did not have the expertise to make decisions regarding terminology in this discipline. The only exceptions were for the official names for the United States (Hoa Ky), Australia (Uc), the British Isles (Quan dao Anh), and the Soviet Union (Lien Bang Xo Viet), which have already become very popular in Vietnam. The examples used in the original (including examples of headings for personal authors or corporate bodies as well as for titles of nobility) were also kept in their original forms.

    This translation was published, first of all, thanks to the encouragement and strong support from the author of the original, Mr. Michael Gorman. Mr. Gorman not only gave permission to the translators to translate this work but also accepted to write an introduction for the first edition of this translation. The translators also want to express their gratitude for the warm support from members of the Subcommittee on East Asia and the Pacific of the International Relations Committee of the American Library Association (ALA). At their meeting during the Annual Conference of the ALA in Washington, D.C., June 1998, all members of the Subcommittee, under the chairmanship of Dr. Hwa-wei Lee, have voted unanimously to pass a motion asking the ALA, which holds copyrights of the original, to waive all copyrights and related fees for LEAF-VN in their publication of the translation. After the Conference, Ms. Yu-lan Chou, the new chairperson of the subcommittee, was making every effort to follow up the implementation of this resolution. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of the ALA's continued support in our work. The ALA, through Mr. Michael Dowling, Director, International Relations Office, has also approached the Library Association [of Great Britain] and the Canadian Library Association, co-holders of copyrights of the original, and got their agreement on waiving all copyrights for the translation. This is the second time that the ALA waives all copyrights and other fees for its copyrighted publications to support the library development in Vietnam. We would also like to thank ... for ... financial assistance for this translation project. Without it, this translation would never have been published and donated to the Vietnamese library community.. Last, the translators would like to thank all members of LEAF-VN for their approval with high priority of this translation project, and for their

    Although the translators have tried their best in the whole translation process as well as in the provision of the Illustration Part, this work might still have errors and/or mistakes. All observations, comments are welcome. Please send your observations, comments to:

    Lam Vinh-The
    Head, Cataloguing Department
    University of Saskatchewan Libraries
    Room 36, Main Library/Murray Building
    3 Campus Drive
    Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A4 CANADA
    (306) 966-5949
    (306) 966-5919
    E-mail: vinhthe.lam@usask.ca

    On behalf of the translators
    Lam Vinh-The
    University of Saskatchewan
    Saskatchewan, Canada
    January 1999>

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