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The Concise AACR2 Vietnamese version:
  • Foreword to CAACR2 by Pham The Khang [English].
  • Introd. to CAACR2 by Michael Gorman [English].
  • Preface to CAACR2 by Vinh-The Lam [English].


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    (in Vietnamese)

  • Foreword to CAACR2 by Pham The Khang [English]. PDF
  • Introd. to CAACR2 by Michael Gorman [English]. PDF
  • Preface to CAACR2 by Vinh-The Lam [English]. PDF


    What you have in your hands is the Vietnamese translation of the Concise AACR2, 1988 revision. This is the cataloging code about which most Vietnamese librarians for the past several years have only heard but have not had an opportunity to have direct contact with. Now we have it in our hands. For this, we would like to thank The Library and Education Assistance Foundation for Vietnam (LEAF-VN), LEAF-VNís President, Mrs. Huyen Ton Nu Lien-Huong (Lien-Huong Fiedler), the two translators, Mr. Vinh-The Lam and Miss Le-Huong Pham, and especially Mr. Michael Gorman, author of the Concise AACR2, 1988 revision, who has created favorable conditions so that this publication can reach the readers soon enough.

    The Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd edition (AACR2) is famous around the world. It is seen as having laid the foundation for the cooperation in cataloging nationally and internationally. Although no Vietnamese translation of the AACR2 is currently available, this Vietnamese translation of the Concise AACR2 provides us with an opportunity to approach the AACR2. This is possible since the Concise AACR2 has summarized and introduced adequately the essentials and the basic principles of the AACR2. The rules of the AACR2 have been rewritten, simplified and made easy for research. In addition, the Concise AACR2 has achieved an important development, facilitating the cataloging of all types of materials in all situations based on the spirit of the ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description). The rules of the Concise AACR2 provide the flexibility of application based on the levels of cataloging required by individual libraries but at the same time still adhere to the international cataloging standards.

    All outstanding features of the Concise AACR2 are well translated into the Vietnamese language by the two translators, who are highly experienced catalogers in the US and Canada. A special feature of this translation, to which the readers should pay attention, is the Illustration Part. The two translators have spent considerable time to find examples of publications (a large majority of them were published in Vietnam) representing fairly well the different types of materials (books, periodicals, maps, audio-visual materials, etc.) to illustrate the application of different rules. For each example, the translators provide a picture of the title page, other necessary cataloging data, numbers of rules applied, and, finally, a suggested catalog card. With this Illustration Part, the translators have not only just translated the contents of the Concise AACR2 but have added something valuable, helping the readers understand the contents and meaning of the rules better, and thus making the application of the rules a lot easier. This is a very important contribution by the two translators.

    The National Library of Vietnam is honoured by the translatorsí invitation to provide editorial work to the translation by suggesting cataloging terminology that is currently used in Vietnam. With common efforts, and the close cooperation between LEAF-VN and the National Library of Vietnam, we hope that, as readers, you will be pleased with this publication you have in your hands. This Vietnamese translation of the Concise AACR2 is a library working tool with high value, and very useful for both researchers as well as practitioners in libraries and library schools in Vietnam.

    Because of its highly scientific values, the National Library of Vietnam has selected this Vietnamese translation of the Concise AACR2 as one of the standard cataloging codes to be used in our research, inheriting, and application aimed at revising our national Vietnamese cataloging code.

    In the joy of witnessing the first-time publication of this important cataloging code in our Vietnamese language, the National Library of Vietnam is pleased to introduce to all colleagues this Vietnamese translation of the Concise AACR2.

    Hanoi, November 15th, 2000

    Pham The Khang
    Director, National Library of Vietnam


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