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The Concise AACR2 Vietnamese version:
  • Foreword to CAACR2 by Pham The Khang [English].
  • Introd. to CAACR2 by Michael Gorman [English].
  • Preface to CAACR2 by Vinh-The Lam [English].


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  • Foreword to CAACR2 by Pham The Khang [English]. PDF
  • Introd. to CAACR2 by Michael Gorman [English]. PDF
  • Preface to CAACR2 by Vinh-The Lam [English]. PDF

    I am very pleased to write an introduction to the Vietnamese translation of the 1988 edition of The concise AACR2. From its beginnings, many years ago, an important aim of this simplified version of the Anglo-American cataloguing rules was to foster international co-operation and bibliographic standardization. My dream was that, although AACR2 is primarily for English-speaking countries, its principles and format could prove useful throughout the world. I am very grateful to the Vietnamese translators of this work for their part in furthering this dream. I know how difficult it is to translate not just the words of a book, but also its principles and spirit, and I commend the translators, Le-Huong Pham and Vinh-The Lam, for their achievement.

    I hope that this translation will lead to a new era of standardization of descriptive cataloguing within Vietnam, wherever Vietnamese-language materials are catalogued, and between Vietnamese libraries and libraries all around the world.

    In these modern times, non-print materials of various kinds are becoming more and more important. You will find that library materials in any format can be described using the rules found in The concise AACR2, and that the descriptions of all kinds of material can be integrated into a single catalogue.

    One of the chief purposes of this work is to provide assistance to cataloguers, and librarians for whom cataloguing is part of their duties, working in small libraries. I sincerely hope that it will help such colleagues to do standardized original cataloguing and thus contribute to the national database and, ultimately, to the world database.

    I send my heartfelt greetings to my Vietnamese colleagues and wish them well as they work, as we all should do, to implement the ideals of Universal Bibliographic Control through co-operation and standardization.

    Michael Gorman

    Dean of Library Services
    California State University, Fresno
    February 1999

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